How To Maxx Out Retail er Leverage (With Unwilling Help From Apple’s IPAD)

I don’t care whether you are a retailer or a brand marketer, I just know that at some point on Friday November 19, 2010 you wished you had the same idea that some genius(es) at TJ Maxx did.

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All Hail the Kings of Retail Leverage – Monster Cable

The strategy is nothing short of genius – find a high-demand, high dollar consumer electronic product category and profit by selling the low-cost, high-margin accessories that complement the device and make it actually work.

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If Coke Needs Retail Leverage Then You Do Too


Coke’s Freestyle system hits on several of our 5 points in how to gain Retail Leverage.

#1 Have The Hot Product With No Substitutes
#3 Be A Top Revenue Vendor


No matter how big your brand is, you still need Retail Leverage
If they big guys need leverage, what does that say about the smaller challenger brands?
Figure out what you have to exploit that others don’t and leverage it.
If you don’t have something unique / different / better, then be prepared to move to the 6th, rarely spoken of, painful way to get Retail Leverage: Price.

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Hot Product With No Substitutes = Retail Leverage

We’ve come up with 5 strategies / paths / scenarios on how you get Retail Leverage. This will start a series of posts that examine each of those 5 examples.

1. “Have The Hot Product With No Substitutes”:

The Nintendo Wii example advocates channeling all of your resources into one product, especially if you have a product where there are no substitutes.

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