Take Your Design Business To The Next Level

Ever wondered what the difference is between the design firms that are just making it versus those that are thriving? What is their edge? It’s not as hard as you may think, but it may take changing how you think about your business. The difference can often be with 1 client. More important is a […]

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More Margin More Retail Problems?

By Benjamin Smith Hand It Over! A retailer asking for more margin?  Not shocking – or ridiculous.  It’s a free country – you can decide if you want to offer more, or stare them down.  Unless they have no respect for you or  your brand, in most cases, when they ask for more margin they […]

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How To Maxx Out Retail er Leverage (With Unwilling Help From Apple’s IPAD)

I don’t care whether you are a retailer or a brand marketer, I just know that at some point on Friday November 19, 2010 you wished you had the same idea that some genius(es) at TJ Maxx did.

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Shelf potato alert – Microsoft Kin mobile phone

This article appears courtesy of The Shelf Potato Blog, by Doug Garnett. The article was originally published on July 1, 2010, by Ben Smith.

If you saw the commercials or talked to a rep in store, you probably couldn’t figure out what problems Kin solved or unmet needs it satisfied. The fact that it was pulled from the market so soon by a company with so deep of pockets leaves only a few conclusions and bigger questions.

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What Is A Shelf Potato?

By Ben Smith The term “Couch Potato” has made it into pop culture, with its own wikipedia listing.  So when my friend Doug Garnett mentioned a concept he kept coming back to when describing dud products at retail, “Shelf Potatos”, I knew exactly what he was talking about, and I figure that anybody who is […]

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Martha Stewart Called To Carpet For Benefiting From A Legal Trade

I wanted to provide an update to Vince Young’s prior coverage of Stainmaster carpet’s move to Lowe’s and share an article by Chris Burritt that just appeared in Business Week detailing how the dust has settled. The net is that Martha Stewart now has the featured brand of carpet at the #1 carpet retailer in the US, Home Depot.

In today’s environment it is rare that a brand drops a major retailer. Once the shock wears off, you can see how major moves by competitors, particularly exclusive deals, can create retail leverage opportunities.

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Forget Perfection – Just Worry About Good Enough

By Ben Smith So I thought I had  come up with this revelation, but apparently I’m not the only one.  The good news is that as you read this you’ll likely realize you’ve had the same thoughts too.  Type A personalities might want to stop reading now. We are in the age of “Good Enough”. […]

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Sharp Quattron TV’s Add Yellow But Their Marketing Makes Me Blue

You might think that the big players have seemingly unlimited funds that allow them to execute plans that cover the marketing spectrum, but that doesn’t mean their spend makes sense.

What would you do if you were Sharp? Do you think you can win by driving customers to the stores alone? Or do you win by converting customers that are already in the store by locking down the aisle? How did Sharp get to their strategy?

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The Concept Of Retail Momentum: Feed The Beast Or Lose It



Now look at momentum from a retail perspective. Here at Retail Leverage, we’re defining Retail Momentum as when your sales velocity reaches critical mass. The definition works at all levels – it can occur in a single store, category, retailer, channel, or the entire market. Of course getting your sales to a high level and sustaining them is easier said than done. This is probably a good time to tell you this article isn’t about how to achieve a high level of sales and gain momentum. It’s about understanding Retail Momentum and ideas to keep from losing momentum.

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Want To Gain Big Dollar and Lots of Leverage In General At Retail? Look Closely To Find The Answer.


This article explores pushing the boundaries of your own retail comfort level and looking at channels that aren’t necessary alternative, because they are already selling products from your category. I’ve got 2 great examples of retailers in this story – and as the title suggests – they might hold the key to big dollar and lots of leverage in general!

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