Take Your Design Business To The Next Level

Ever wondered what the difference is between the design firms that are just making it versus those that are thriving? What is their edge?

It’s not as hard as you may think, but it may take changing how you think about your business. The difference can often be with 1 client. More important is a repeatable process to land that 1 client over and over again.

Enter David Shepherd, a former university professor and for the past two decades, coaching and consultant to 100s of the nation’s most profitable designers.

In uncertain economic times, there is no greater protection for interior designers than having large, long-term projects, or what David Shepherd calls, “whales.”

David has created a webinar entitled, “How to Catch a Whale.” We’ve linked to that landing page and think you would enjoy it. It’s completely free.

David also offers a six-week masterclass on “How to Catch a Whale.” He’ll provide some information after the webinar.

We work with several designers that have worked with David before, and are proudly members of his affiliate network, which means if you do eventually purchase a course, we will earn a fee. Check out the webinar and see if you are ready to start landing whales.

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