Why You Should Buy Billboards In Bentonville



1) Lose your “Delusions of Brandeur” when dealing with retailers. Your target consumer is the retailer’s customer.

2) You exert all this influence to get the product in, but once it’s in, there are results to be measured by. Your opportunities to influence decrease.

3) Buyers are consumers also
I would argue that some merchants even go so far as using exposure or lack of exposure to a particular marketing campaign helps them to justify a decision they made in the past. When the buyer gets exposed to the marketing vehicles regularly in their personal life, this makes them feel that that they might be missing out on if they chose to not assort or promote that particular product. “Am I missing out on an opportunity here?” Or better yet, “is all this marketing going to drive customers to my competitor down the street that is listing that product?” (conversely if they see marketing and earlier chose to promote the product, this probably helps justify their decision).

4) Why you should buy Billboards in Bentonville

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The P Word

The secret 6th entry in the 5 sure-fire ways to get Retail Leverage is Price. I feel dirty even saying it.

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How To Build A Culture Geared Toward Retail Leverage

Five Ways To Build A Culture Geared Toward Retail Leverage:
1. Tie each corporate executive’s bonus to growth at a “pet” retailer
2. Have the sales team do some heavy lifting during National Sales Meetings.
3. Require product managers to model profit pool for their category at key retailers.
4. Shop together and learn.
5. Don’t enable the “Desktop Marketer.”

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