First 100 Days of Retail Leverage

By Ben Smith

First 100 Days!

100_days_logoWe have received tremendous response / reaction to our blog since we launched almost 100 days ago!  You’ve found us thru a variety of ways such as word of mouth, Linkedin, Google, Facebook, Twitter.  In this time, we’ve provided 18 articles covering a broad swath of topics we relate to our concept, Retail Leverage.  Virtually every article touches on strategies that can be used by challenger brands, and we’ve maintained a good balance between providing actionable ideas and examples of ideas that other brands have already employed.

What Makes Retail Leverage Tick?

updatedRLlogoChallenger brand marketers have to be more creative and do more with less.  Inspiration can be found anytime, anywhere.  We look for ideas in business and trade publications, store walk-thrus, weekly circulars, pop culture.   The 3 contributors behind Retail Leverage have lived this daily for a combined 40 years (and with challenger brands, there definitely is a “dog years” multiplier in terms of experience).   We hope that by sharing our ideas, inspiration and commentary we can help others – and we think we are.

What Does Retail Leverage Hope For?

talk conversation bubbleWe hope to become better about fostering conversations.  Perhaps it is the platform we are hosted on.  Perhaps it is the way we write our articles.  Perhaps we are just so right, there is nothing left to be said (we kid, we kid).  Whatever the reason, we are going to start optimizing everything about the articles and the site in order to better host conversations.

How Can You Help Us?

Besides commenting and taking part in the conversation ….  please spread the word about us.  Lots of ways, including:

  1. Twitter – follow us, and re-tweet us.
  2. LinkedIn –  share with your connections and/or groups via the button we put on every article.share on linkedin
  3. LinkedIn – join our group to get connected to like-minded individuals who get the concept of “Retail Leverage”
  4. Facebook – follow us.
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  6. RSS – if you are fancy enough to know how to use RSS feeds, add our feed 🙂

Help Us Help You –  Answer Our Poll

Jerry Maguire Help Me Help YouIn an effort to continuously improve and deliver content that our audience finds the most engaging and compelling, we are trying to better understand who our readers are – and who we might appeal to.

Please take a moment to participate in our reader profile poll by indicating your current profession / background.  Thank You!

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