Update to Nikon Retail Leverage Example

I found some great material supports our example of how Nikon gained Retail Leverage with “Something So Big It Can’t Be Ignored” (the Ashton Kutcher campaign).

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The Ad Agency Dilemma – Retail Leverage Friend or Foe?

Our problems become their problems. Here in-lies a potential conflict – an ad agency is a business and its goal is to encourage its clients to spend as many marketing dollars with the agency as possible. While this is a very understandable desire, it may limit the challenger brand’s ability to use its marketing dollars to gain retail leverage as sometimes critical investments need to be made to support the retailer which may cut out the agency’s interests.

3 ways challenger brands can motivate their ad agencies to support their need for retail leverage:
1. Check your agency’s “Retail Leverage” I.Q.
2. Teach your ad agency about your business – not just your brand.
3. Implement an Incentive-Based Agency Fee System

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The P Word

The secret 6th entry in the 5 sure-fire ways to get Retail Leverage is Price. I feel dirty even saying it.

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Something So Big You Can't Ignore It = Retail Leverage (aka Nikon Punk'd The Competition & Gained Retail Leverage)


Nikon is a great and current example of a brand that has gained significant Retail Leverage in the last year thanks to their media campaigns featuring the ever popular Ashton Kutcher. I have nightmares of that guy dancing through my head.

Nikon gained retail leverage with something so big, it couldn’t be ignored. Couldn’t be ignored by consumers. Most definitely couldn’t be ignored by retailers. And unfortunately for the marketing and sales folks at Sony, Canon, Kodak, Fuji, Olympus and Samsung – it probably wasn’t ignored by the boss.

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